Press Release

Yurt Konserve , with a sectoral experience of over 50 years, has located its own Yurt Brand in a wide range of national
chain markets and local markets as well as making private label production in its facilities
for several major food brands of Turkey.

Yurt Konserve exports to many countries, mainly to the USA as well as

  • Avusturalia
  • Canada
  • Malasiya
  • UK
  • Greece
  • Cyprus
  • United Arab Emiratesi
  • Suudi Arabia
  • Iraq

Major aid organizations also prefer Yurt Konserve brand via companies to meet daily
food requirements of countries struggling with starvation, poverty and drought in many parts of the world. Yurt Konserve continues to invest rapidly on Yurt brand while expanding its abroad and domestic market shares.
A new factory, planned to have a 19,500m² of closed area is under construction in Salihli District of Manisa province.
By the activation of new production facilities, new products, produced in an extremely modern and healthy
environment will be available again in both local and export markets.

Manisa’nın Salihli İlçesi’nde 19.500 m² kapalı alandan oluşacak fabrikanın inşaatı da hızla sürmektedir.
Yeni üretim tesislerinin faaliyete girmesiyle, son derece modern ve sağlıklı bir ortamda gerek yurt içi gerekse ihracat ağırlıklı yeni ürünler piyasaya sunmaya devam edecektir.

Yurt Konserve aims to reach consumers in all segments with its quality and brand appreciation by expanding its domestic
dealer network as well as increasing its export share in the market. In order to achieve quests and targets to find new dealers,
we attend efficient exhibitions.

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